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Giovanna Ramaye

“Art is the indestructible link between all people and all civilizations.” Salvatore Dali.

This famous quote, sums up in my opinion, what art could bring to each other, wether you’re old or young, rich or poor…You can see art with your heart. 

Guiding is a passionnate work. A guide is a time traveller inside cities, but also the best storyteller.


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Our Mission & Vision

The Revival of the french culture

French culture refers to the social, artistic, and intellectual customs, practices, and values that have developed in France over many centuries. French culture is rich, diverse, and influential, and it has had a significant impact on many areas of human life including : 

  • art,
  • literature,
  • philosophy,
  • fashion,
  • cuisine,
  • and politics

We would like to be your ambassador of this multiple french know- how to you .

Characteristics of French culture

A love of art and beauty, reflected in the many museums, galleries, and landmarks throughout the country.

A passion for fine food and wine, with France considered by many to be the culinary capital of the world.

A tradition of intellectual, it refers to people engage for their contributions to philosophy, literature, and the arts.

  • Jean-Paul Sartre –  A leading figure in the existentialist movement.
  • Simone de Beauvoir – A feminist writer who played a key role in the women’s liberation movement.
  • Albert Camus – A novelist, philosopher, and journalist known for his existentialist and absurdist writings.

Paris city of love and lights

Paris is a beautiful and historic city with many essential points to visit. Due to its romantic atmosphere and beautiful illuminated landmarks at night.

The term “City of Love” is often associated with Paris because it has long been considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. The city is home to many iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and the Pont des Arts, that are often associated with romance and love. Paris is also known for its charming cafes, cozy restaurants, and intimate streets that make it a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

The term “City of Lights” refers to the many beautiful landmarks and buildings that are illuminated at night, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and many others. These landmarks are lit up with a dazzling array of lights that add to the city’s beauty and charm, making it a truly magical place to visit, especially at night

Mesmerizing and unmissable sites

  • Eiffel Tower – The most iconic landmark in Paris, offering breathtaking views
  • Louvre Museum – One of the largest and most famous museums in the world
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral – A stunning Gothic cathedral located on the Île de la Cité
  • Champs-Élysées – One of the most famous streets in the world
  • Montmartre – A hilltop neighborhood known for its charming streets, bohemian vibe, and stunning views.
  • Palace of Versailles – this opulent palace was the home of the French monarchy until the French Revolution
  • Musée d’Orsay – A museum housed in a former train station that features an impressive collection of Impressionist
  • Sainte-Chapelle – A Gothic chapel famous for its stunning stained-glass windows

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