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Art and Love will always shine in the heart of the city of lights. With its history and its culture Paris will always rise through the world. City of all freedoms let us show you some magic places … Stroll down with us to the Louvre, Orsay, Versailles, St Germain des Près, Place Vendôme, Montmartre….Come join us and let your dream come true….

“Paris will always be Paris …”


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Popular Monuments To Paris

Palace of Versailles



Paris 7th district

Garden Claude Monet


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why visiting with me?

Because I’m a professionnal and licensed tour guide, graduated from the Sorbonne University. As an Art history teacher I am enthusiastic but most of all passionate with my french cultural heritage… I live and know Paris for more than 25 years. But most of all my aim is to make you enjoy your visit and live a real parisian dream. 

Giovanna Ramaye

In love with Art since my childhood, I love to spent time in museums and exhibitions. I would love to share my knowledge and passion with you.

versailles by french culture in paris
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The Iconic Mona Lisa...

This portrait painting by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, widely regarded as one of the most famous and iconic works of art in the world. The painting depicts a woman believed to be Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine merchant, and is notable for its use of sfumato. Its enduring popularity is due to its enigmatic smile and the fascination it has elicited from viewers for centuries.

La Liberté guidant le peuple

Painted by the French artist Eugene Delacroix in 1830, the painting is a symbol of the French Revolution's ideals of liberty,

Les Coquelicots

Masterpiece of the famous artist, Claude Monet. The subject of the paintings is poppy fields, which were a common sight surrounding Monet's home.

Amour et Psyché

Neoclassical art created by the French sculptor Antonio Canova. It depicts the mythical love story of Cupid and Psyche.

La Galerie des glaces à Versailles​

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                                Art History               

What is Art History ?

Art history is the academic study of the development of visual art forms, styles, and movements throughout history. 

  • Art history covers painting, sculpture, architecture, photography…
  • It involves research and analysis to understand the social, political, economic, and cultural factors that have shaped the production and reception of art throughout history.
  • The goal is to understand the visual arts and their place in society.

Discover The Main Basis of Art History with me

Through a Program of 5 Museum Visits, from Medieval to XIXth century. Art will have no more secrets for you

  • Analyze and interpret artworks with me 
  • Understand their meaning and significance
  • Examine the visual elements of art (Style, Colors, Form…)
  • Understand the historical context and the impact of Art